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Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence is a phase as important as it is difficult with lots of challenges in life. Many teenagers feel sad, confused, and struggle about their own identity, going through extreme pressure and adaptation by friends, family and society.


Do you think your teen is struggling with some of the topics below? If yes, I can help!


  • Anxiety, depression, stress, anger.

  • Low Self-confidence and Self-esteem.

  • Behavioral issues.

  • Difficulties in maintaining friendships or interacting socially.

  • Sexuality.

  • Eating or body image issues 

  • Fears and insecurity.

  • Separation of parents/divorce.

  • Relocation adapting.

  • Communication & coping.

  • Relationship with parents/ family.

  • OCD, ADHD.


Therapy provides a safe space for teens to meet life’s challenges with the support of a neutral adult. Through counseling, an adolescent can learn to communicate in healthy ways. As a result, minimize the conflicts that are inherent to this phase, so that the transition between adolescence and adulthood is made with greater maturity and emotional intelligence always helping and giving support for the teenager and the family.

To create a safe space for your teenager, a therapist will skillfully manage the issue of sharing information with parents and maintaining some level of privacy and confidentiality for the teen. Generally,  the therapist will give parents feedback about the adolescent, share any concerns about the teen and offer strategies for improving difficult relationships within the family.


  • one-to-one or online sessions.


I propose to hold a first meeting in which to assess and find the most suitable working method for you, based on trust, confidentiality and respect.

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