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Family at a Beach



We all start this life with a family and whenever the age, stage, shape, or size, our family affects who we are and whom we become, for better and for worse. We learn our vocabulary, our habits, our customs and rituals, and how to view and observe the world around us.


At one time or another, all families deal with some sort of dysfunction and conflicts going through a tough time and therapy can make a difference!


Some of the things that I can help with are:


  • Family conflicts.

  • Separation or Divorce.

  • Parenting and Adoption.

  • Adapting to a new culture, family, and routine.

  • Communication issues.

  • Grief and loss.

  • Substance abuse or addiction.

  • Difficulties between siblings.

  • Children's behavior problems.

  • Caring for a family member with special needs.

  • How to plan for shared custody of children.


Family counseling sessions can include the child or adolescent along with parents, siblings, and grandparents. The first step is to use the power of group dynamics and peer interactions to increase understanding of mental illness and/or improve social skills.


Next, we will work out a plan where the goal is to help couples, children, or members of the family to learn how to communicate better and work through conflicts, learning new skills to deal with difficult situations in healthier and functional ways.

Couples Therapy can be recommended in some cases. This kind of counseling is a specific type of therapy that focuses on a couple's communication and interactions (e.g. parents having marital problems). 


  • Group or Online sessions.


I propose to hold a first meeting in which to assess and find the most suitable working method for you, based on trust, confidentiality and respect.

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