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Introductory Session

60 min

Free Session

The aim of the first session is to get to know each other. We will spend some time in a formal, structured interview, or it may just feel like a more free-flowing conversation to get to what are your concerns and the issues that made you come to find guidance. This first step is very important for setting the tone of your work together.

Therapeutic Process

50 - 60 min


After the introductory session, we work together, normally with weekly sessions but this may change accordingly due to the Therapeutic process itself. 

It is important to understand that Therapy is a process that demands commitment and it is likely to require time in order to process contents and to achieve your goals.




My approach is based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and during the sessions, we will work with technics to identify and question thoughts considered to be dysfunctional causing dysfunctional emotions and behaviors.

Therapy is based on communication – either verbal or nonverbal – and speech and CBT uses several cognitive and behavioral technics. However, sometimes it can be hard to express what we are feeling, other therapeutic lines and creative techniques (such as dramatizations, psychodrama play, arts, draw, write, paint, mindfulness, photos, books, cards, games, body image, role play - etc) are useful to help you see situations more clearly, helping you to identify, evaluate and respond to your automatic dysfunctional thoughts. 

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